Sanitary conditions


This year the safety and health protection of the exhibitors, visitors and employees of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE FAIR, equally to the quality of the event, are our priority. The Polish government is lifting the restrictions. Grupa MTP pays special attention to the global coronavirus outbreak.


Therefore, we are in constant contact with the national sanitary and medical services, strictly following their recommendations. With the utmost care we keep track of the messages published by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) and we operate in accordance with the provided procedures.

We are fully prepared to invite exhibitors and guests to the fair under new sanitary conditions.

– We are returning to the game believing that nothing can replace direct meetings, conversations and emotions accompanying the fair. This will be a special edition of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, full of new ideas and inspiring events according to its motto: Industry at digital age. The difficult situation the global economy is currently facing forces each industry to change and implement modern technologies. As usual, innovative solutions and a unique atmosphere will not be missing in Poznań! I warmly invite you to the annual industry feast! – says Joanna Kucharska, Product Group Director.

What sanitary procedures will be introduced during ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE ?

Visitors may stay at the Event Venue only on the days and during the opening hours of the fair or other events, provided that they comply with security procedures in accordance with the current guidelines for the epidemic issued by the Chief Sanitary Inspector (GIS). The requirements include:

  • Completing an epidemiological declaration including information that the person filling in the declaration is, to the best of their knowledge, not infected or in quarantine or under epidemiological surveillance;
  • Visitors providing for personal protective equipment themselves;
  • Maintaining a social distance appropriate to the nature of the fair - 4 m2 per person as a minimum;
  • A mandatory registration;
  • Having temperature measured with no-contact means at the moment of entering the event;
  • Covering of the mouth and nose by wearing masks and wearing gloves, according to the current guidelines;
  • Disinfecting hands upon entering the event, in the toilets, at the Exhibitors' stands, using publicly available disinfectants;
  • Using dedicated containers for used personal protective equipment;
  • Following the signs and announcements while maintaining a safe distance between the persons present at the event, in particular in the queue to the entrance, at the customer service points, at the exhibitor's stands, in the catering areas, in the toilets or in the lift,
  • Complying with the procedure in the case of suspicion of infection in the Visitor (e.g. coronavirus), which may include the obligation to provide the details of persons with whom the visitor had contact at the event venue, indication of the space in which the visitor was staying or the obligation to stay in an isolated room;
  • Exclusion of deposit points and smoking rooms;
  • Following the announcements made by MTP at the Event Venue regarding security procedures.

*The events are organized in accordance with the current guidelines and recommendations of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and state authorities.